What is OOPs in Java ?

OOPs - Object Oriented Programming.

Programming based on object in real world i.e car, bike, earth is known as Object Oriented Programming.

OOPs is just a structure or approach of a programming language.

Java follows these type of structure which allows us to program based on object.

You will learn about these concept detailly in the upcoming topics.

Why is OOPs used?

Different styles or model's of programming

  • Unstructural programming
  • Structural programming
  • Object oriented programming

We are using programming to reduce the complexity of life. What all we see, hear or smell are real objects involved in a life. So, the complexity of any part in life will truly depend on these factors or objects.

Imagine you are going by a tourist bus for a trip to a place. Which time will you reach ?

Reaching time will depend upon the number of parameters like bus speed, surrounding climate i.e if it's very cold or rainy reaching time may be late, number of people who will come with you.

If we want to go early, we must consider all these parameters and improve something in these parameters to reach faster. Right?

So if we do program based upon the objects like speed as above, the complexity of life will be easily decreased.

OOPs is the structure or style which is well suited for programming on real time objects as above.

OOPs will also help us to reduce the lines of code or statements by re-using the existing codes.

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