do while loop in Java

do while loop is also said as exit check loop since it checks the condition after executing the body of the do loop.

General Syntax

do {

//statements or code to be executed


while(condition or expression);


At first, the statements inside the body of do gets executed, then checks the condition in while statement.

If condition returns true,the statements inside body of the do gets executed again.

  • When statements or code inside loop body gets executed, the conditional check is done again.
  • The above will be repeated until the condition returns false.

If condition returns false the loop stops execution.


public class doWhileTest {

public static void main(String args[]) {

int i=1;







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In the above example, variable i is initialized with 1. Statements in the body of do is executed first and then checks the condition given inside while.

If condition returns true, statements inside do gets executed again and checks the condition again. If false terminates the loop execution.

This will be repeated till the condition becomes false.