Create First Android application

What all you need before creating android app ?

  • Basic Knowledge of Java or Kotlin or C++ (OOPs concepts)
  • Interest or passionate in developing.

Steps for creating android app ?

  • Download and install the latest version of Android studio from official website
  • Android studio setup 1
    Android studio setup 2
    Android studio setup 3
    Android studio setup 4
    Android studio setup 5
  • Run the android studio . It will ask you whether to download additional needed components like SDK's (Software Development Kit) , allow it and android studio will automatically download and install all the additional needed components.
  • After installing all the components, a new welcome window will be opened.
  • Click "Start a New Android Project" from welcome window
  • A New Window appears, Select Empty Activity and click Next
  • Create new app Step 1
  • Configure your Project Window appears, Type name of your project and Package name in their respective boxes, choose preferred language and click Finish
  • Create new app Step 3
  • The needed files (gradle files, libraries, packages) for creating the project will be downloaded and synced automatically. Please be patient till the sync gets completed and the project will be created with the default "Hello World" application .
  • Create new app Step 4 Create new app Step 4

Created Folders for Project

  • app
    • manifests -

      Contains meta details and information about files of the project.

    • java -

      Directory to put java files

    • generatedJava -

      autoGenerated Java Files

    • res -

      Directory to put UI elements (images, layouts, strings)

  • Gradle scripts

  • Inorder to automate building the project, gradle is used.

    Gradle is build system that takes the best features from other build systems and combines them into one. It is improved based off of their shortcomings. It is a JVM based build system, what that means is that you can write your own script in Java, which Android Studio makes use of.

    For eg. for importing packages, libraries, version-control, etc, it may be used

    • build.gradle (Project level)
    • build.gradle (App level)
    • settings.gradle