Run an Android application using Android Virtual Device (AVD)

Steps for running an android app using Android Virtual Device (AVD)

  • Click Run buttonrun button from tools shelf on top
  • Select Deployment Target window appears
  • Choose Target
  • Select any device, if none is available, create a new virtual device or connect a mobile device with debug option enabled in settings

Steps for creating a new virtual device

  • Click Create New Virtual devices. Virtual Configuration window appears. Choose a device and click Next.
  • Create AVD step 1
  • Select a system image window appears. Download needed android version image and click Next.
  • Create AVD step 2
  • Give AVD name and click Finish.
  • Create AVD step 3
  • Click Ok from "Select Deployment Target window" and now the application will be installed in the AVD.
  • First application in AVD