Writing cover application for a job

Writing application is both an art and a technique. It is also a kind of letter and it is also known as covering letter. Generally letters are divided into four types.

The letters that you write exhibit your character and thoughts. So before starting to write a letter, collect all necessary facts and information and arrange them logically and systematically. Generally all letters consist of 10 parts.

For most of the jobs, you will need to apply in writing. This normally means preparing two items: a letter of application (covering letter) and your resume. Written applications generally form a key part of an employer's selection process. Employers use selection processes to select who they should interview for a job by assessing skills, qualities, experience and qualifications. Some employers will also use selection process to identify written communication skills as these are important to the job.

Before you begin your written applications:

How to write a Cover letter ?

Many employers are very busy, so the covering letter needs to be concise.

What to include in a covering letter ?


In the opening paragraph, explain the purpose of your letter. Here you have to mention the position you are applying for where you heard about it and where it was advertised.

In the next paragraph, show that you can do the job and do it really well - you should focus on covering concisely your qualifications, skills, abilities and experience. Highlight what makes you perfect for the job advertised.

Next, highlight how keen you are to work for the company and why. Try to give some information about what type of person you are. Keep in mind what you know about the employer and mention the personal qualities you have, that you think they are looking for. Before finishing, thank them for taking time to review your application. Also mention any attachments including your resume and any work examples.

Final Check

Before sending your application, check it over or ask someone to go through it and correct the mistakes. Ensure that you have read the job advertisement and other information thoroughly. For example, some employers may ask you nto send several copies of your application. Others might want you to address specific selection criteria. If you miss things like this, the employer might think you lack attention to details.

You should also complete the following check:

Selection criteria

If you are applying for government employement, you will probably have to provide responses to selection criteria for the job. Check out the following information.

Follow these tips to guide you through the process and get that interview