Designing a resume

What is Resume ?

The term "resume" is used in the United States. Its equivalent term is "Curriculum Vitae". This term is preferred in England and European countries. It is also used in India. But nowadays 'resume' is in higher frequency of use.

What is its importance ?

Resume writing is the first step in securring a job. One may have excellent academic qualifications, wonderful skills and talents. But, one should know to communicate them properly. Only then, he can reach the interview stage.

A resume is a marketing tool. It is the first indirect contact with the employer. A resume should be different in nature from the other resumes.

What are the content of a resume ?

A good resume should give importance to,

Employment NeedsYour resume content
What are you ?Education, experience and personal skills
What have you done so far ?Past professional accomplishments
What can you do for us ?Your plan for the development of the organisation
What are your further plans ?Your professional growth and its contribution to the organization.

What is a good resume ?

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