Facing an interview

What is an interview ?

An interview is an interaction or interpersonal communication between two persons or between one person and a small group. It involves speaking and listening. It is to accomplish a task.

What are the different types of interviews ?

Admission interview

It is a formal affair. The candidates are selected on the basis of their marks. The decision to admit them is already taken. So, this interview is just a simple interaction.

Performance appraisal interview

It is held to assess the performance of an employee in a Company, at the time of his promotion.

Counselling interview

It is conducted for employees and students, to find ut their personal problems.

Disciplinary interview

It is conducted for employers and students who misbehave. It is like a warning to them.

Job interview

It is conducted to find out the suitability of a candidate for a particular job. The job applicants are screened for the interview, according to the number of vacancies. To clear this interview successfully, a candidate has to follow these steps.

An interview is not just a question-answer session. The interviewer wants to find out the,

How to appear for an interview ?

At the time of the interview, the interviewer must keep certain points in mind and act accordingly.