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Every one has got an inherent talent under right conditions. Proper orientation, correct preparation and appropriate presentation earn him success in his endeavours. Work has got more purpose than mere survival. Selection of suitable place to excel in one's career helps one to lead a statisfactory life going over frustration and dejections.

Many youths are not able to choose a career that suits them for various reasons. Lack of awareness, guidance and motivation is the main reason. A person who lands up in a wrong job remains unfit and spends entire life grudging and grumbling.

This tutorial will serve as a help to prepare themselves in various areas of proficiency required for getting appointment in the desired work environment. This will serve as a key to open the minds of youth so that they can march ahead in competitive examinations with courage and confidence. We convey our best wishes to he students who are going immensely benefitted by this tutorials.

This tutorial is divided into 3 parts